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Essentials EC meters are a good quality EC meter, they are reliable and come with a one year guarantee.


Why is conductivity important? - The electrical conductivity or 'ec' of a nutrient solution is a measurement of how easily an electrical current can pass through the solution, the more dissolved solids (nutrient) in a solution the easier it is for the solution to conduct and the higher the ec value. This is extremely important especially in hydroponic systems but also in coco and soil growing if using mineral fertilisers. It means you can more accurately measure the feed you are giving to your plants and in a hydroponic system see how it changes over time and adjust your feed accordingly. With plants in pots of coco you can also measure your run off to see how much nutrient they require.


For more info watch the following video!




For more information on how an ec meter can help you maintain a more optimum nutrient solution and get the best results you can from your plants please call in or pick up the phone and we will be more than happy to offer advice and demonstrations.


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