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The Ecothechnics Evolution Co2 Controller Kit is an advanced Co2 release system that coordinates your ventilation systetm with the release of Co2. Most other Co2 controllers simply release Co2 into your grow room, some will do so at timed intervals. However, the Ecotechnics Evolution Co2 kit ensures that your ventilation system is shut off whilst Co2 is released into your grow room. This limits waste and allows your plants to fully fully benefit from the growth promoting effects od additional carbon dioxiode. The full Kit consists of:

Ecotechnics Evolution Co2 Regulator - This is responsible for the release of C02 into your grow room. It simply connects to the Ecotechnics Evolution Co2 controller to release a fixed flow of Co2 when required.

Ecotechnics Evolution Co2 Controller - Both your Ecotechnics Evolution Co2 regulator and ventilation fan(s) are wired into the Ecotechnics Evolution Co2 Controller, which via a pre-programmed cycle turns off the ventilation system and releases the desired quantity of Co2 into the growing environment.

Ecotechnics Evolution Co2 Sensor - The sensor gives you highly accurate control over the volume of Co2 released into your grow room. It utilises the latest infrared technology to constantly monitor the actual level of Co2 present in your grow room against the desired level, and controls the release of Co2 to ensure te desired level is maintained.

The Ecotechnics Evolution controller and kit comes supplied with an input device that allows you to integrate the Ecotechnics Evolution Co2 Controller with the Ecotechnics Evolution Fan Speed Controller. These combined controllers provide optimum environmental control, with the automation of Co2 temperature and relative humidity (RH) all coordinated through a single microprocessor. The Ecotechnics Evolution Co2 Controller will only release Co2 when your fans are operating at their minimum speed (this can be set to zero), but if the temperature increases higher than the set-point, then the fans will override the Co2 to reduce the temperature as a priority.

Co2 is measured in parts per million (ppm). In most environmentsCo2 will be approximately 350-400ppm. A volume of 1000-1500ppm in your grow room will enhance growth and yield. You will need to add Co2 to reach these levels. Co2 should only be added to a sealed room or when your fans are shut off.


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