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Exhale Co2 bags produce a constant, fresh supply of Co2 ideal for raising the background ppm of your indoor garden.

These clever bags utilise mushroom growing techniques to produce good consistent amounts of Co2. Inside the bag is a sterile block of substrate enriched with nutrients to help with heavy co2 production and innoculated with a special strain of mushroom that has been specifically selected through vigorous research to provide the highest Co2 output during mycellium development.

These bags are easy to use you simply remove the hanger and hang or place in the growspace amongst the plants at canopy level so the Co2 can be immediatley used by the surrounding plants. These last between 3 - 6 months and we recommend using 1 bag per 1m to 1.5m square.

Carbon Dioxide is what plants need to photosynthesise along with water nutrients and a good light source. If you can increase the Co2 content of the air from the usual 350-400ppm up to 800-1200ppm or even higher you will really start to see improved results. 

Certain LEDs available on the market now to be used at full output require additional Co2. The light output is so intense plants cannot keep up with the photosysnthesis required without the additon of extra Co2 and without it it would actually be detrimental to yields and quality.

During the summer the higher temperatures can be very detrimental to indoor growing, raisng the Co2 helps plants to handle the increased temperature and transpiration rates that occur. Adding Exhale bags through the summer period is a great way of protecting your plants from heat stress.


If Exhale bags are out of stock we also have MY-CO2 bags available instore and online.

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