Floor Secure White 4mtr x 250mu

Length: 1m
Sale price£6


Super thick heavy duty plastic sheeting for the floor, this massive sheeting comes 4m wide so is large enough to cover most grow areas without the need for joining or sealing multiple pieces. 

Its made of grow room safe materials and is ideal for creating a thick waterproof barrier incase of spillages and leaks etc.


Available by the metre or in 5m and 25m rolls (each will be 4m wide when rolled out).


* Dont use pond liners, linos or visqueen sheeting anywhere in your grow room! - these products can contain 'plasticisers' that keep the material flexible. In high temperature and high uv light intensity environments such as grow rooms these plasticisers give off a harmful gas often referred to as 'off-gassing' that is deadly to your plants.

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