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We stock a variety of FloraFlex Rockwool block drip accessories for FloraFlex Big Mama drip systems, including stackers, caps, and FloraClips. The innovative drip-feeding system is designed to evenly distribute nutrient solution and prevent algae from forming on Rockwool when growing indoors with hydroponics.

FloraFlex FloraCap 2.0

The FloraFlex FloraCap system is an innovative system from the USA to prevent the problem of drip-feed distribution and algae issues on Rockwool block-based hydroponics systems. The caps are placed on top of your Rockwool cubes to simultaneously block light getting to the media and deliver a consistent flow of feed with even distribution. While the increased airflow allows the root zones to dry, giving your plants enough oxygen to thrive.

Benefits of FloraCaps:

  • FloraCaps block light getting to the growing matter
  • Lets Rockwool cube dry evenly and prevent algae
  • Even feed distribution saves on water and nutrients
  • Flexible design that’s easy to install and detach
  • Overflow system sends excess feed to the rootball
  • Available in 4-inch and 6-inch size caps

FloraFlex Stackers

FloraFlex Stackers let you place a 4-inch Rockwool cube on top of a 6-inch Rockwool cube or a 6-inch growing cube on top of an 8-inch Rockwool block. The stackers conserve space in your veg room by letting you use a smaller block up until it’s time to flip. Then, you can add it onto the bigger block and achieve maximum growth during the flowering stage.

Benefits of FloraFlex Stackers:

  • FloraFlex Stackers saves lots of space in your veg room
  • Make for easy transitioning of veg to flowering cycles
  • Blocks light and stops algae from forming on Rockwool
  • Easy to install and remove from your growing cubes
  • Available in 4-6 inch and 6-8 inch stackers

Tip - if you want to stack a 4-inch Grodan Delta block on the Big Mama blocks then use both the 4-6 inch stacker and the 6-8 inch stacker together.

FloraFlex FloraClip

The FloraFlex FloraClip transforms your FloraCap into an automated drip feed system for your indoor plants. Just pop the FloraClip over your drip line and clip it to the FloraCap. As easy as you like!

Benefits of the FloraClip:

  • Turns FloraCaps into an automated drip feed systems
  • Easy to use snap-on design clips to any 1/4” tubing
  • Long-lasting, reusable and dishwasher safe

Check out our complete range of FloraFlex Big Mama Rockwool Drip Systems.

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