FloraFlex Rockwool block drip accessories

Unit: Stacker 4" - 6" Inch
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FloraFlex FloraCap system is an innovative system from the USA to solve the problem of drip feed distribution and algae issues on rockwool block based drip systems.


FloraCap 2.0 rockwool block dripper caps are avilable in 4 inch or 6 inch versions to suit the Grodan Delta and Hugo rockwool blocks the feature multiple louvres to allow the irrigated nutrient supply to evenly penetrate the rockwool block whilst blocking the light and eliminating algae issue on the top of your rockwool blocks.

Attach the FloraClips to the side of the FloraCaps to clamp your irrigation pipe and hold it above the FloraCap eliminating the need for dripper stakes. these clips fit our 4mm iceline drip line perfectly.

The Stackers are available in 4-6 inch designed to place on a 6 inch hugo block when stacking a 4 inch delta block on top to cover the exposed rockwool and stop algae while the 6-8inch stackers are for covering the exposed rockwool when stacking 6 inch Hugo blocks on the Grodan Big Mama 8 inch rockwool blocks.

Tip - if you want to stack a 4 inch Grodan Delta block on the Big Mama blocks then use both the 4-6 inch stacker and the 6-8 inch stacker together.

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