Buddhas Tree Flower Burst

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Buddhas Tree Flower burst is designed to be used alongside your base nutrients, its an early flower/transition product that is aimed to help the plant transition from vegetative growth to flowering and fruiting quickly and productively.

As we all know plants in flower love a bit of PK (phosphorous and potassium) it helps to add weight to flowers and helps with rooting during the early flower transitional period, thats why some companies suggest adding a hit of their usual PK booster during the first week or 2 of flower. However the ratio of PK isnt quite right for early flowering transitional growth. As you will know your plants grow (veg) a lot in the first few weeks of flower - the transitional period. This means a lot more rooting occurs during this period requiring phosphprous, also flowers and fruits are forming and these require phosphorous and potassium. As such Flower burst contain the perfect NPK ratio 0-10-8 to support healthy rooting and early flowers.

It also includes boron which is really useful for helping the transportation of calcium which is also essential for root growth.


Super concentrated this Early flower transitional stimulant is used at 0.25ml/l for the first 3 weeks of flower. After which switch to Buddha's tree pk 9/18 For heavy flower and fruit production.



Available in 100ml, 250ml and 1l.


Click the following link for the full Buddhas Tree nutrient schedule!


Buddhas Tree Feeding Schedule 



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