Fortefog Smoke Bomb

Size: Mini 3.5g
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These smoke bombs contain 13.25% Permethrin and are great for control of flying insects and some mites.

to use turn off all extractor and intake fans and all circulation or other forms of air  movement.

Place fumer (smoke bomb) on a heat proof surface such as an old plate or tile.

Light the fuse to the fumer and leave the room/grow area and close the door/zip up the tent. leave for at least 6 hours and then turn the extractor fan on to clear the room.


Use between crop cycles to clean and sterilise a room before use.

Ensure plants, animals and people are well away from the area before use.

Covers a large area.

Easy to use.


* Ideally set the extractor fan on a plug in timer so it will come back on automatically and clears the area of fumes before you enter.



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