Garden HighPro Probox Propagator

Size: XL 1.2m x 0.4 x 2m
Sale price£237.95


Struggling for space for your propagation and vegetative/mother plant area?...... look no further, these tents from Garden HighPro offer a great solution for growers with limited space.


Medium - 80cmx60cmx40cm - these low level propagation tents can hold two of our budget propagators cable of producing up to 300 cuttings in a tiny area. They feature in our Propagation Tent Kit section as part of our medium propagation tent kits.

Large - 60cmx40cm footprint and 2 metres high! this space-saving slimline tent option takes up little floor space but has room for 5 budget propagators or large high-top propagators capable of producing up to 750 cuttings/seedlings at a time or take out a shelf at the bottom and you have a small area for 'mini-mothers' or vegging-on and still have 3 shelves for propagation.

Extra Large - 120cmx40cm footprint and again 2 meteres high - this tent is capable of holding 10 budget propagators, producing up to 1500 cuttings/seedlings! or as with the Large version you can take shelves out as required to provide a larger area for vegging on/establishment and/or a small mother plant area.


The shelves in the large and extra large version come with an optional drip tray, or use the wire mesh shelves without the drip tray as a perfect air-pruning rack for establishing plants in Grodan Delta Rockwool Blocks, for more information on this method take a look at our blog post on Establishing and Transplanting Young Plants.

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