G.A.S Day/Night Humidity Controller

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The GAS Day & Night Dehumidifier Controller, with a 2.5KW capacity, is an optimal solution for managing humidity levels day and night. It features two control dials for setting distinct day and night humidity levels and can be used with dehumidifiers up to 2.5KW. The controller is user-friendly and comes with a replaceable 4-meter humidity/light sensor.

To use, plug the dehumidifier into the controller and the controller into a switched-off mains socket. Position the sensor in a suitable location, avoiding placement above any humidifiers. Once the controller is switched on, a green LED indicates the dehumidifier’s operation. Remember, dehumidifiers can only lower humidity; a humidifier is needed to increase it.

Exercise caution as the sensor is highly sensitive. Avoid placing it too close to the dehumidifier and ensure good airflow to prevent humidity pockets. Keep the unit and sensor away from water or liquids, and avoid using an extension lead.

In summary, this controller offers dehumidification control with a 4-meter sensor cable, separate day and night settings, and a replaceable sensor.

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