G.A.S EC1 Fan Controller

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Experience superior temperature management with the GAS EC1 Thermostatic Fan Speed Controller. This device provides full thermostatic control for your EC fans, ensuring optimal room temperatures by adjusting fan speeds. With an additional Y-splitter, you can also manage your intake simultaneously.

The GAS EC1 is designed to adapt fan speeds according to its thermostat settings and control knobs, catering to varying outdoor temperatures. Set your desired temperature, and the EC1 will alter fan outputs to align with your grow room’s heat levels. An LED light signals when room temperatures surpass the set levels, prompting you to modify your fan speeds if needed.

The GAS EC1 seamlessly integrates with Systemair fans that come with active cables (white connectors), which power the device, thus removing the need for an extra power supply. The EC1 can be paired with the Active Y-Splitter cable to connect two EC fans at once. If you’re operating intake and extraction together, ensure your intake fan is smaller than your extraction fan. This maintains negative pressure and prevents odours from escaping your grow room.

Dimensions: 9cm x 6cm Probe Length: 4 metres

This device, compatible with both Hyper Fan V2s and Vectors, allows for the fine-tuning of your fan’s settings. Two simple knobs enable you to control the maximum and minimum fan speeds, reducing operational costs and noise. The adjustable temperature dial ensures your grow room temperatures are kept in check, while an inbuilt LED indicates when temperatures exceed the set levels. The device can be plugged directly into Systemair’s EC fan range using active cables and can operate two fans when combined with an Active Y splitter cable. It draws power directly from the fan, eliminating the need for a separate power supply.

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