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Introducing the Enviro4 Fan Controller, a product of Global Air Supplies, designed to give you total control over your growing environment. This device manages EC fan speeds and can also adjust the ‘on’ and ‘off’ times for virtually any equipment in your grow room, thanks to its four programmable sockets. This feature simplifies your setup, making it effortless to maintain an ideal environment from a single point.

The Enviro4 allows you to centralize the control of all your growing equipment. Its four programmable sockets can handle up to 26 amps of power, double the capacity of the Enviro v2. This means you no longer need two controllers, eliminating the risk of conflicting controls. Plus, the temperature sensor probe can now be easily replaced via a connector socket on the unit’s exterior. With the Enviro4, your equipment works in harmony to create the perfect environment.

EC FAN CONTROL The controller maintains your grow room’s temperature and humidity by digitally managing your fan speeds. The Enviro4 Controller automatically adjusts fan speed for EC fans and can control both your intake and outtake fans. It is designed to work seamlessly with the Systemair Revolution EC fan range.

ENVIRONMENT OPTIMIZATION Setting up the Enviro4 temperature and humidity sensor in your grow room is straightforward. It uses a thermostat to detect environmental changes and automatically adjusts to your pre-set parameters, ensuring your grow room’s temperature remains stable. The humidity sensor also monitors and maintains humidity levels. You can program different settings for day and night to maintain your desired grow room climate. The Enviro4 also features an upgraded, easily replaceable probe.

MULTI-FUNCTIONALITY In addition to controlling your fans, the Enviro4 offers four additional fully programmable sockets that can manage other environmental grow room equipment such as heaters, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and lights. Heaters can be programmed to activate when temperatures fall below pre-set levels. For heaters, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers, you can set different day and night settings, ensuring your grow room environment is always perfect. You can control most grow room equipment, provided it doesn’t exceed 2,200 watts per outlet. For grow lights, please ensure not to exceed 2,400 watts (across all four plugs) due to their high start-up surge.

The Enviro4 also includes a dump feature for closed-loop environments. For a comprehensive how-to guide, please refer to our Enviro4 Controller Instructions.


  • Controls EC fans
  • Regulates temperature and humidity
  • Controls humidifiers, dehumidifiers, heaters, lights, and other equipment with a timer
  • Centralizes control and simplifies your grow room
  • Allows easy probe replacement
  • Day and night settings
  • Dump feature for closed-loop environments
  • LCD display
  • Four programmable sockets
  • Simple navigation and setup
  • Fan balancer
  • For grow lights, don’t exceed 2,400 watts (4x 600 watt lights)
  • Built-in fan balancer to run both outtake and intake fans
  • Max 26 amp total
  • 1.2 metre power leads
  • 3.8 metre probe length
  • Dimensions: 20x9cm
  • Compatible with Systemair EC fans, Rhino Ultra EC fans, and Hyperfan V2 with additional cable

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