Grodan Gro-Top Rockwool Slabs - 1m & 1.3m

Length: 1m
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Grodan Gro-top Rockwool slabs are a cost-effective and easy-to-use growing media for drip irrigation systems. They are ideal for hydroponic gardeners as they give you full control over your plants’ feed, helping achieve excellent growth and impressive yields all year round.

Key Features of Grodan Gro-top Rockwool Slabs:
  • Rockwool slabs give growers complete control over plants’ nutrition
  • It helps indoor growers achieve impressive crops with high yields
  • Extremely simple to use, lightweight and easy to transport
  • Ideal to use as part of a run-to-waste indoor growing system
  • The growing slabs are available in 1m and 1.3m sizes

If you want to discuss growing in Rockwool with an expert, call Critical mass Systems today on 01143 221440

Grodan Gro-Top Hydroponic Rockwool Master Slabs

Grodan Gro-Top slabs are twin-layer Rockwool slabs that feature a thin harder top layer that encourages roots to grow laterally along the slab. This ensures better rooting throughout the whole slab - beneficial for larger plants with fewer numbers in each slab.

This old-school method of growing is still used by many savvy growers due to the speedy growth rates and great yields they produce. Using these slabs with a drip system allows for precise control of the nutrients your plants feed.

How to Use Grodan Gro-Top Rockwool Slabs

Grodan Gro-top Rockwool Slabs, are placed in a tray and used as part of a run-to-waste drip system. You must pre-soak the Rockwool slabs at your desired EC and PH levels before allowing them to drain.

Then, cut out the area where you want your plants to go and place already established plants in 3" or 4" Rockwool blocks onto the slab. then your plants will then root through the whole length of the Rockwool. Plus, you can put as many or as few as you want on each slab.

Why is Rockwool used in Growing?

Rockwool is widely used in horticulture to produce herbs, flowers and fruits. It is an easy growing media to work with, giving growers complete control of feeding the crop the correct nutrients. Rockwool also has excellent root zone technology that stimulates the growth and quality of your produce.

The advantages of growing in Rockwool?

  • Clean: One of the advantages of growing in Rockwool is that it comes clean and sterile. Rockwool is manufactured from basaltic rock and therefore doesn’t contain any diseases, pests, weeds or chemicals, making it perfect for growing.
  • Control: Because Rockwool doesn’t contain any organic matter, it’s free of nutrients and organic compounds. This gives growers total control to provide a balanced solution to feed the plants and deliver all the nutrition they need.
  • Drainage: Rockwool has the ability to drain excess water very quickly - helping prevent problems with overfeeding. It lets plants hydrate while increasing the amount of oxygen that circulates through the roots – perfect for superior plant growth.
  • Reusable: Furthermore, it’s actually possible to reuse Rockwool when growing indoors. As it’s made of rock, it doesn’t break down over time like other growing matter. So, providing that you clean it properly after each use, you can regrow fruit and veg in Rockwool again and again.

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