Grodan Vital Rockwool Slabs 1mtr

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These solid slabs of rockwool are usually placed within a tray and used for creating run-to-waste rockwool drip systems. You pre soak the slabs at the desired ec and pH levels allow to drain then cut out where you want your plants to go and place plants already established in 3" or 4" rockwool blocks onto the slab. the plants then root through the entire length of the slab and you can put as many or as few plants as you want on each slab.

Grodan Vital slabs are a homogenous rockwool slab and are easier to get plants to root onto than their gro-top brothers.


This is an old school method of growing and is still used by many savvy growers due to the extremely fast growth rates and great yields. Using these slabs with a drip system allows for precise control of the nutrients your plants need.


Fast growth rates!

Great yields!

No mess lightweight media - easy to transport!

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