Growers Ark Coco Nutrients

Stage of Growth: grow
Water Type: soft
Size: 1ltr
Sale price£18


The Growers Ark 2-part coco base nutrient is a specialized blend designed for optimal growth in coco-coir mediums, adaptable to various feeding techniques.

This nutrient mix is crafted from superior quality salts and EDTA chelated trace elements, ensuring maximum absorption by the plants. It also includes additional trace elements in the form of sulphates, serving as an alternative source of trace elements for the plants.

The Growers ark coco nutrient mix is enriched with potassium humate, a large molecule belonging to the same chemical family as humus, a key component of fertile soil. Humate plays an active role in soil and other growing mediums, facilitating nutrient uptake by plants, promoting microbial activity, and aiding in nutrient cycling. Research indicates that plants cultivated in a medium abundant in humic substances exhibit increased resistance to stress and develop larger root systems. For more details on humate, please refer to Growers Ark root tonic product information or the separate humate data sheet.

Growers Ark hard water formula incorporates high-quality Nitric acid to counteract hardness and minimize the need for pH adjustment. Consequently, you’ll find that you need to use less pH down when utilizing our nutrient mix compared to some other brands’ products.

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