Hotbox Sulfume

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The Hotbox Sulfume is a sulphur vapouriser it gently heats sulphur creating an inhospitable environment to many grow room pests and is especially good for spider mite control.


Also great for controlling mildew and fungal outbreaks


To use this product it needs to be hung a meter below the ceiling in the centre of the room (or as low as is possible) it must only be run in the dark period and all circulation fans and extractors and anything that causes air movement should be turned off. for infestations run for up to 12 hours through the dark period every night until results are achieved and then for maintenance or prevention run for 2-4 hours a few times a week.

*turning off extractor fans is best but not always possible later in the cycle when air exhange is necessary, if possible just turn the extractor right down and the intake fan and other forms of air circulation off. this can be automated using 24hr timers on the fans and the Hotbox Sulphume.


* Does not burn the sulphur which would create a harmful gas it does smell a big eggy but is not harmful.


* 2kg refill bags of sulphur available.



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