Canna Hydro

Size: 1L
Stage of Growth: Vega
Water Type: Soft Water
Sale price£14.95


High quality dutch hydroponic nutrient adapted for our use with a UK specific formulation. This is Canna's recommended nutrient for run to waste hydroponic systems and is particularly effective in rockwool run to waste drip systems. With Higher trace element than Canna Aqua nutrients (designed for recirculating hydro systems) it ensures your plants have access to a full range of nutrients so that they can choose what they need from a run to waste hydroponic system.

Use Hydro Vega throughtout the growth period and Hydro Flores throughout the bloom phase.


High quality minerals

Clean product guaranteed

Easy to use



Available in 1l, 5l and 10l


Click the following link for all of the Canna feeding schedules available to download:


Canna Nutrients Feeding Schedules






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