Iceline Rolls

Size: 13mm
Length: 1mtr
Sale price£1.60


Iceline pipe available in 13mm, 19mm and 25mm.


This white pipework reduces nutrient temperatures by up to 8 degrees by using a white heat reflective outer with a black inner to stop UV rays heating up the solution within. Its flexible nature makes it ideal for creating drip systems and all manner of hydro systems  and its available by the meter or in 30m rolls.


Warm nutrients and water sat in pipework create the perfect anaerobic breeding ground for root diseases such a pythium to take hold and also limit the rate of nutrient uptake. the best way to avoid this is to lower the temperature of your nutrient solution.

Water above 21 degrees cant hold enough oxygen and is the number one cause for root problems in hydro systems it doesnt matter how well oxygenated your reservoir is if the water sat in your pipe work is getting warm.

Ice line helps do this easily and effectively and it looks pretty cool too in your grow room!

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