Imperium Duration Control Timer

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Imperium duration control timers timers allow for hassle free timed irrigation of any pump, the easy to use design is quick and simple to set and adjust. irrigations can be set as frequent as every 15 minutes and they can be set down to seconds or minutes. 

Used in many professional drip systems many people choose to incorporate them into their own DIY drip systems as they are much simpler to use than other options available.

The standard version plugs into a normal 15 minute mechanical timer and when the 15 minute segment is activated the imperium timer runs just for the duration set in either seconds or minutes.

The Imperium Plus version has a bult in 15 minute timer so simply plugs straight into the wall and plug your pump/s into the sockets.


Please not the plus version has two sockets for pumps but can only run 1x high pressure pump such as an aquaking or aquadrive pump, or 2 x low pressure pumps such as Maxijets. If you plug 2 x high pressure pumps into the unit you will blow the internal fuse.

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