Airflow: 200m 870m3
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Isomax fans are absolute air moving monsters and seem to go on forever, their huge popularity is not only down to their awesome power and quiet running but also their slimline design and extra features built in on the smaller models. They handle long lengths of ducting with ease and you will experience less drop in pressure when using large filters or on unusual shape or lengths on runs of ducting.


* 150mm and 200mm versions feature a built in speed control with 3 speed settings

* All versions have hanging eyelets

* Powerful and quiet

* Ultra reliable


Available in the following sizes and airflows:


150mm / 410m3/h

200mm / 870m3/h

250mm / 1480m3/h

250mm / 2310m3/h

315mm / 2380m3/h



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