Isomax Mountain Air Extraction Kits 315mm (12 inch)

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This 12-inch Iso-Max fan and Mountain Air Carbon Filter Kit is designed to give growers more control over temperature and environments in indoor grow spaces. The top of the range 12” Mountain Air carbon filters prevent unwanted odours while the powerful 315mm Iso-Max extractor fan controls airflow and keeps the temperature in your grow tent at the level you want.

Benefits of the 12-Inch Iso-Max fan and Mountain Air filter kit:

  • The thermally insulated fan delivers extremely silent air extraction
  • Powerful fan maintains pressure during long runs of ducting
  • High-performance filter that eliminates unwanted smells effectively
  • Includes wall-mounted brackets for secure, easy hanging
  • Compatable with SMS Hybrid Controllers.

Mountain Air Extraction Kits

Each kit includes all you need to install the fan and filter in your grow room right away; Iso-Max 315mm extractor fan and Mountain Air 315 x 1000mm carbon filter. 5m of ducting, a fast clamp to connect the filter and fan and a quick-release clip to connect the ducting to the other side of the fan.

Iso-Max Fans Product Details

These 12-inch Iso-Max fans are as hard-working as any extractor we’ve ever experienced. Their durable, clever design offers some of the best airflow rates around, swiftly sucking out hot air from indoor grow spaces of all sizes. And, they’re built using top of the line acoustic foam padding for an impressively silent running unit.

As if that’s not enough, you also can control the Iso-Max indoor grow fans with SMS Hybrid Controllers. 

Tech Specs:

  • Length: 680 mm
  • Weight: 13.1 kg
  • Diameter: 315 mm
  • Capacity: 2380 m3/h
  • Current: 1.7 A
  • Power: 265 W
  • Speed controller: Compatible

Head here to learn more about Iso-Max fans.

Mountain Air 12-Inch Carbon Filter

Mountain Air filters are some of the most dynamic and durable carbon filters on the market today, making them the go-to option for the most ambitious indoor growers. As a matter of fact, Mountain Air has been voted North America’s Best Filter no less than five times already. And not without good reason either.

Each filter comes tightly packed with the highest quality carbon out there and their powerful airflow rates can stand up to even the most dominant of extractor fans. And whereas your average carbon filter will almost certainly need replacing every couple of years, these 12-inch Mountain Air carbon filters deliver over three years of powerful odour removal.

Tech Specs:

  • Size: 315mm x 1000mm
  • Airflow: 2300m3/hr
  • Includes user manual

Go here to learn more about Mountain Air carbon filters


To keep your carbon filter in top condition, it’s important to regulate the environment in your grow space accurately. Operating in an area where humidity gets above 70% will negatively impact the filter’s lifespan and ability to function correctly.

This can be a particular concern during the propagation and vegetative stages when humidity should be at its highest. Under those circumstances, make sure to keep humidity below 70% so your filter stays in top condition to help your plants thrive.

Many growers these days make use of two filters. The first for use throughout the veg period (high humidity), and another that gets installed only during flower when carbon filters are most needed.

And because the filter isn’t used in highly humid environments, you can look forward to a more reliable carbon filter with a longer lifespan.

For more information about regulating your grow room humidity properly, you can read our Guide to Growing Indoors.

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