IWS Run To Waste Dripper Brain

Sale price£119.95


Run to waste dripper brain featuring six inlets and a reliable Maxijet pump to remove run off from pots sat on baseline trays or similar, connected via 13mm or 25mm pipe the run off flows into the brain activates the low level float switch activating the pump emptying down the drain or to a separate waste tank. Comes with 13mm sealing glands but can be swapped out for 25mm glands for faster drainage and less chance of root blockages.


At Critical Mass Systems we specialise in drip systems and can help you with any aspect of design, set up and maintenance of your own drip system. Come and have a chat with us and we are more than happy to go through a full design and consultation with you and get your irrigation automated so you have more time to spend on plant maintenance and can achieve your rooms full potential.

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