Jiffy Pro 7 8L Coco Brick - single brick

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Jiffy’s PRO7 COCO BRICK, a 100% RHP Certified pressed and dehydrated brick of premium mixed fibre coconut coir pith, is the go-to choice for professional cut-flower growers. Its reliable coco coir quality, superior temperature control, and versatility make it perfect for hydroponic pot systems.

This all-round potting substrate is pre-washed, buffered, and charged with added trace and beneficial elements. It promotes faster rooting and stronger plant development. It’s easy to transport and store, making it ideal for short-term, seasonal, indoor, and outdoor crops.

To use, simply rehydrate the PRO7 COCO BRICK with 3.5/4 litres of water to yield 8 litres of high-quality Jiffy cocopeat. It pairs perfectly with Jiffy7c plugs and ROOT!T plugs for optimal results.


  1. Hydrate: Combine nutrient and water in a bucket. Add the PRO7 COCO BRICK and watch it swell. Use 3.5L of lukewarm water for a less saturated mix, or 4 litres for a fully saturated mix.

  2. Mix: Disintegrate and aerate the expanded mix in the bucket. If needed, add extra substrates like perlite or clay pebbles.

  3. Plant: Fill your chosen pot with the prepared mix and insert your plant. Plants started in Jiffy7C plugs or ROOT!T sponge plugs will benefit from the PRO7 substrate.

  4. Nourish: Begin with a professional fertiliser Start with 1-2 ml/L of A and B solutions for young plants, and increase to 3-4 ml/L for mature plants. please check what it says on the bottle of your chosen fertiliser for the correct dose.

  5. Check: Monitor your water quality. Use the appropriate variant for hard or soft water. In soft water areas or if calcium deficiency is detected, use a half-strength CalMag supplement 

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