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Jiffy 7 propagation plugs are made from peat and provide a low cost reliable option for propagation of your seeds and cuttings. Simply soak in de-chlorinated water until expanded and then place seeds or cuttings directly into the plug. Or for even faster healthier propagation soak in Ecothrive Biosys and a root stimulant such as House & Garden Roots Excelurator or Vitalink Root Stim. Dont be fooled by the low price tag these are a top quality propagation media option and are a personal favourite of ours at Critical Mass.


Top tip - Soak your jiffys in a shallow container so they rise out of the liquid while they expand, then remove from the liquid while they still have a small hard 'ring' in the centre and are not fully expanded. Place on the side or in your propagator and let them finish absorbing the water within until the plug is fully expanded with no hard bit left in the middle, this stops them becoming too wet which happens if you let them fully expand in the liquid.

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