L Series Irrigation Pump

Unit: 12000Ltr/Hr
Sale price£119.95


The L series range of pumps are ideal for moving large volumes of water fast, making them ideal for very large drip systems using usual style drippers or for creating drip rings when lots of pressure is required. Great for moving large volumes of water from one place to another eg emptying large waste reservoirs etc.

These pumps dont just offer high flow rates, they are extremely reliable and very well made and should last many growing seasons when used correctly.


12,000l/h flow rate can run many many drippers.


High Particle size mixes no problem.


Massive head height ideal for pumping up large hills or to floors above etc.


Ideal for dirty water also.


* Even larger sizes are available up to an incredible 25,000l/h flow rate, contact us for pricing.


*Never let pumps run dry in empty reservoirs.


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