Lumatek Attis 200w Tent Kit

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If your looking for a super efficient grow tent kit package to grow a small number of plants at home but are worried about increasing your energy bills too much then this is the perfect grow tent kit for you. Featuring the low wattage Lumatek Attis 200w LED you can still achieve a reasonable yield without using much power and the quality of the produce is sure to be some of the best.


These smaller grow tent kits are also ideal for using as separate vegetative area to grow on small plants, keeping mother plants etc.


 Low energy LED lights give off very little heat meaning the 5 inch mixed flow fan provided will only need to be on the lowest of the 2 speed options in most cases, this gives you the option to increase the airflow to the higher setting in mid summer etc. It also keeps the whole set up whisper quiet for less intrusion when using in a home environment. 

All of this is enclosed within a 80cmx80cmx160cm FourTwoZero grow tent with highly reflective silver mylar lining, good quality zips and ventilation ports.


Rope ratchets and Maxibright pro timer contactor included.


For more information on using LED lights check out our blog post - Growing With LED Lighting


Ideal for small space growing!


12,000 hour lifespan!


Cool, efficient indoor growing!


Top quality produce!


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