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Available in 1L, 5L, & 10L
Magna Mater magna- cal is known as a secondary nutrient as plants need them in smaller quantities. As LED’s are becoming more popular, we are seeing the need to add Cal-mag at the top end. The dilution rate or magna-cal is as follows: -

Grow Stage Week 1 till flower – 10ml/10L

Flower Week 1 till week 6 10ml/10L

Flower Week 6 & 7 5ml/10L

Magnesium is in the heart of the Chlorophyl molecule, it is what helps drive photosynthesis in plants, without it plants cannot capture the suns energy needed to produce Glucose. Magnesium gives plants their lovely green colour and is also used to metabolise carbohydrates while stabilizing the cell membrane.

When plants have deficiencies in magnesium it can be caused by high levels of potassium, this leads to the plant absorbing the potassium and leaving behind the magnesium. This will show on the older larger leaves first as a yellowing between the veins and around the edges this then leads to brown patches which then leads to the leaf dying off.

Calcium is also a secondary nutrient but like magnesium is an essential part, mainly through the growth stage of the plant, Calcium helps build strong stems and leaves helping with symmetry of the plant. Pectin is produced when up taken by the plant which is the building blocks for the cell walls. Calcium needs to be readily available for the plant at all times as it is harder for the plant to transport this nutrient around.

The plant will show deficiencies on the larger leaves at the bottom of the plant, yellow brown rusty spots will appear and increase as time goes on. Flowering will be hindered and slow right down, please any fruits will stay small and not increase in size.

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Nitrogen, Calcium and Magnesium supplement for use in environments or substrates that require increased content,
or for use to correct deficiencies as they appear.

Derived from Calcium Nitrate, Magnesium Nitrate, Magnesium, Calcium Oxide, Magnesium Oxide and Chelated Iron.
This formulation has added Chelated Iron which aids in the production of chlorophyll and will lead to
better uptake & availability.

When chlorosis is present (yellowing) the most immediate way to correct this is through foliar application.
If in environments with elevated rates of photosynthesis due to Co2 or LED usage, add at the top dilution rate as standard.

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