Magna Mater Coco/Hydro A&B

Size: 1l
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Magna Mater is high quality nutrient line using top quality ingredients to provide full nutritional requirements for your plants throughout their cycle.

Derived from Calcium Nitrate and Magnesium Nitrate with added Vitamin B1 to help with stress relief, especially helpful when potting up or if your room has less than ideal environmental conditions.

Added organic wetting agents called saponins help the nutrient spread laterally through your grow media giving you a great base feed for multiple substrates and growing styles.

What we really like about this nutrient, other than the great yields and clean, quality produce is the incredibly strong dilution rates, at a maximum recommeded dose for medium feeding plants in soft water you only use 13ml/10l thats an incredible 1.3ml/l. Compared to the standard 4ml/l for most brands this represents great value for money and more importantly less moving bulky nutrient bottles about and less plastic usage for the bottles.


Contact us for bulk pricing some incredible offers availabletheir.

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