Magna Mater PK 9/18

Size: 250ml
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Magna Mater PK 9/18

Available in  250ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L & 10L

Magna Mater PK 9/18 is a must for any range and is classed as a standalone additive which can be used along side any nutrient range to help develop massive fruits. Like everything Magna Mater produce concentration strength is always mind blowing!! So, you will never be buying expensive water.

The dilution ratio is as follows: -

Week 4-7 flower – 2.5m/10L

Week 7-8 flower – 5m/10L 

Magna Mater PK 9/18 will not only increase the plants fruit size, but it will also give the user denser fruit leaving with a broader terpene production which all adds up to a heavier dry weight. This formula has added sulphur which helps in maturation of your flowering stage.

How it works

PK 9.18 This is a well-balanced PK additive that combines nitrogen alongside the increased P & K needed for large fruit set development in the flowering period.
It is formulated with the addition of 30% So3 (Sulphur) to aid the ripening process.

This means it can be used all the way from when the plant stops growing till the final flushing period, at increasing strength from 0.25ml/per litre to 0.5ml/per litre in the final 2 weeks.

This unique combination allows the use of this product for both bulk building and as a finisher, all in one.

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