Magna Mater Roots

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This is definately one of our favourites in the Magna Mater brand, If you're looking for an effective root stim that doesnt break the bank and also has excellent stress relieving properties then this product is for you.

At the low dilution rate synonymous with the Magna Mater range this is an extremely cost effective root stimulant that outperforms many of the major brands by a long way. At just 1ml/10l for most of the cycle this powerful root stim goes a very long way indeed, use at 2ml/l for soaking your propagation blocks/plugs for explosive root growth from your cuttings and seedling whilst boosting the young plants immune response helping strengthen your cuttings/seedlings and preventing disease.


Magna Mater’s highly effective rooting agent shortens the protein building process in your plant and supplies an array of auxins that initiate explosive root growth.
Derived from Auxins, Enzymes, Beneficial Microbes, Proteins and Amino Acids.
It compiles vitamins to boost, support and relieve stressful periods of the plant’s life cycle, such as in propagation or as part of a rescue remedy throughout.
This concentrated rooting formula is suitable for use with all growing systems and substrates.


How to use -

We recommend running the roots right up to 3-4 weeks into your flowering cycle but dont be afraid to use it later than that if you feel your plants could benefit from extra stress relief. For best results use with the Magna Mater Mono-Silicic product these two together will give bushier stronger plants and increase the strenght of cell walls making the plants more resilient to changes in environmental conditions and more resistant to disease and pests



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