Maxibright CDM Ballast 315w digital

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Digital 315w CDM/CMH ballast used to power the awesome 315w CDM bulbs providing the perfect spectrum for both vegetative and flowering cycles.


Can be used as stand alone grow light or as supplemental ligthing to improve the spectrum of your existing lighting set up.


CDM lighting stands for Ceramic Dishcarge Metal Halide, The spectrums produced by the bulbs used with these ballasts is perfect for plant growth. They run the Phillips GreenPower 930 Agro bulb or the Phillips Mastercolour 942 Daylight bulb.


The Agro is heavier in the red spectrum and is ideal for placing between other light sources in a flowering room or used as a stand alone flowering option.


The Daylight 942 bulb is the perfect spectrum for vegetative growth or placing between flowering lights that are more geared towards the red spectrum this will improve the quality of flowering plants and particularly help with essential oil and resin production.



  • Produces large amounts of natural 'daylight' spectrum, better than HPS spectrums
  • 1.9 umols per watt - awesome efficiency
  • Cooler running than HPS
  • 2 bulb options available


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