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Harvest bigger yields in small spaces with the Daylight 660W Pro LED grow light! This silent-running, solid-state grow light is designed to give you full spectrum PAR coverage with a uniform spread across a 1.5m x 1.5m space. The heavy-duty hanging brackets and clip-on bars make assembly a breeze for one person, and the specially designed ladder LED bars and advanced technology in the Osram and LUMLED LEDs ensure your fruits bulge with quality and quantity.

Plus, with a 50,000-hour lifespan, you’ll get 11 years of outstanding value with the Daylight 660W Pro LED grow light. For even better prices, contact Critical Mass Systems now and get up to 20% off in-store payments. Start growing bigger yields with the Daylight 660W LED PRO!


  • 6-bar system delivering full-spectrum, uniform light coverage 
  • Enhanced red spectrum for unbelievable plant growth and yields
  • Ideal for growing spaces up to 1.5m x 1.5m area
  • Silent running - passive cooling and no internal fans
  • 50,000 hours lifespan - 11 years on 12/12 cycle
  • Easy to install, includes easy-fit clip-on bars
  • Remote dimmer included 25%-50%-75%-100% power

Grow Bigger Yields With the Daylight 660W LED PRO

Getting bigger harvests in small spaces is easier than ever with the Daylight 660w Pro LED grow light. 

Delivering full coverage across a 1.5m x 1.5m space, the Daylight 660W Pro greatly improves both the quality and quantity of your yields, especially when compared with traditional HPS lights. 

Moreover, the full spectrum Osram and Lumiled chips will power your grow room for around 50,000 hours, making the Maxibright 660W Pro outstanding value for money.

So, if you’re after a powerful indoor grow light that’s built to go the distance, the Daylight 660W PRO LED will keep up with even the most enterprising growers out there.

More About the Daylight 660W PRO LED

The Daylight 660W LED PRO is a silent-runningsolid-state grow light that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with indoor growing environments. 

Sturdy, streamlined and lightweight in design, the Daylight 660W Pro delivers a full-bodied PAR spectrum with high total output and even spread across the canopy. 

And the unit’s high-quality components, passive heat dissipation and ability to dim down to 25% power provide the flexibility to gain total control over your indoor grow space - no matter the season!

Furthermore, the heavy-duty hanging bracketsclip-on bars and lightweight design make it easy to assemble, even for one person.

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Ladder LED Bars With Advanced Technology

In order to achieve a uniform spread across your canopy, the Daylight Pro 660W LED features a ladder design that distributes light evenly across the individual LED chipsets. 

This balanced spread eliminates hotspots in the grow space and lets you put the unit closer to the canopy, greatly increasing the quantity of your yield.

And, the advanced technology behind the Osram and LUMLED LEDs combine to project incredible levels of full-spectrum light throughout the whole grow space, causing your fruits to bulge.

To achieve this full spectrum, the Maxibright Daylight 660W uses the following:

  • LUMLED White LED: 2.85μmol/W
  • Osram Red LED: 3.8 μmol/W
  • Overall average LED efficiency: 3.15μmol/W
  • Fixture efficiency: 2.7μmol/W

Full features of the Daylight 600W PRO LED:

  • Enhanced red spectrum for improving plant growth and flowers
  • 6x LED bars for uniform distribution (PPFD) across the canopy
  • Fixture efficiency of 2.7μmol per Watt (PPF of 1782μmol) 
  • Fits 1.5m x 1.5m indoor grow spaces
  • Full Spectrum, full-bodied light output
  • Cool running, energy efficient with a low heat output
  • Easy one-person assembly
  • 50,000-hour lifespan
  • Includes remote dimmer 25% - 50% - 75% - 100% power
  • Consumes 660W – Ideal solution to replace a single HPS light
  • Control multiple units with iLink technology (Maxibright controller)

Daylight 660W Pro Product Data:

  • Dimensions (cm): 112 x 107 x 7.1
  • Net Weight (kg): 8.8
  • Gross Weight (kg): 11.2
  • Input Current (A): 3.25
  • Input Power (W): 660
  • Supply Voltage (V): 120-277
  • Supply Frequency (Hz): 50/60
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • Life Span (hours): >50,000
  • Light Angle (°): 120
  • Working Temperature (°C): 0 to +40

Daylight 660W Pro Tech Data:

  • PPF (μmol/s) (Tested at 22°C): 1782
  • Fixture efficiency using input power (660W) (μmol/J): 2.7
  • Fixture efficiency using LED power (607W) (μmol/J): 2.84
  • Average LED efficiency (μmol/J): 3.15
  • LUMLED white LED chip efficiency (μmol/J): 2.85
  • Osram red LED chip efficiency (μmol/J): 3.8


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