Buddhas Tree Meta Boost

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Yet another great product from the guys at Buddha's tree. This awesome seaweed derived bio-stimulant is great at boosting your plants metabolism and aids in the division of cells and fast growth. Use during early veg and again from mid to late flower to provide your plants with a perfect source of energy.


Plants use energy to break down nutrients into elements to use for cell splitting and therefore growth. Meta Boost gives your plants the extra energy needed so they can use their own saved energy for other things such as oil production and better terpene development enhancing smells and desirable charactersitics of your plants as well as yields.


Contains naturally occuring growth stimulants including Auxins, Cyctokinins and Amino Acids all of which help with plant development and cell division in roots and shoots/buds.



Use during early veg to help with rooting and establishment and in mid to late flower to help with heavy yields and essential oil and terpene production for a big tasty harvest!



Available in 500ml, 1l and 5l.


Click the following link for the full Buddhas Tree nutrient schedule!

Buddhas |Tree Feeding Schedule 


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