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Mist makers create a fine mist or fog of humidity by using ultrasonic techology, this finer mist hangs in the air much better and doesnt 'wet' your plants or growing space as larger droplet mist will

Humidity in your grow room is vital to creating a healthy environment for vegetative growth, the high-intesity lighting and rapid air exhange that occurs with indoor growing leads to low humidity conditions. Low humidity conditions cause over-transpiration from your leaves this is essentially water lost into the drier air surrounding the surface of the leaves, this is bad news and can lead to overfeeding issues and poor spindly vegetative growth.

Maintaining correct humidity levels means you can push your plants to their full potential and they will feed hard and grow strong. low humidity environments mean you have to be careful with nutrient levels and cant get the most from your plants.


There are 2 sizes available to suit different grow spaces, many growers prefer to use several of the 5 disc units for large spaces rather than the larger centrifugal humidifers as the droplet size of the mist is much smaller and better for indoor environments.

Simple and easy to use:


  • Pair the mist maker with the required float and sit in a bucket or tank of water
  • Plug in the mister to create a fine mist in the tank/bucket
  • Position a circulation fan or inlet fan over the bucket to blow the mist around the grow space
  • Can be connected to a humidistat to regulate temperature 
  • Keep tank topped up, low water levels will shorten the lifespan of the mister


Mist makers have no moving parts so require little maintenance, the ultrasonic discs will need replacing every 3-12 months depending on water quality but replacement disc kits are readily available.


*use our Auto Top Up Valves to connect the bucket/tank to a header tank this ensures the mister is never in low water levels and means you dont have to add water as often. Add to that a humisistat and you dont have to worry about humidity again, and your plants will love it!


Available in 3 disc or 5 disc models


Check out the video below for more info on the Mist Makers!


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