Mist Maker Float

Size: 3 Disc
Sale price£12.95


These floats fit our 3 disc and 5 disc mist makers and keep them just the right distance below the water level to allow for optimum mist production.

*2 sizes available


Humidity in your grow room is vital to creating a healthy environment for vegetative growth, the high-intesity lighting and rapid air exhange that occurs with indoor growing leads to low humidity conditions. Low humidity conditions cause over-transpiration from your leaves this is essentially water lost into the drier air surrounding the surface of the leaves, this is bad news and can lead to overfeeding issues and poor spindly vegetative growth.

Maintaining correct humidity levels means you can push your plants to their full potential and they will feed hard and grow strong. low humidity environments mean you have to be careful with nutrient levels and cant get the most from your plants.


Check out the video below for more info on the Mist Makers!




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