Grow Genius Mono Silicic Acid 40%

Size: 250ml
Sale price£84.95


Silicon that plants naturally use! Other types of silicon used in horticulture must be transformed into monosilicic acid by chemisty that happens within the rootzone, this takes time and energy from the plant. This form is available immediately as it 100% bioavailable from the start.

Silicon is one of those things that you can grow without, however plants are much stronger and healthier with it and it allows for fast cellular growth. It helps plants resist pests and pathogens and heat and water loss. Its particularly good for preventing botrytis (bud rot) and other moulds such as powdery mildew.

This super strong version of silicon seems expensive but its actually really cost effective as the dilution rate is only 0.3ml/10l. So only 3ml to a 100l barrel.

Grow Genius Mono has a 40% concentration so is the strongest monosilicic acid on the market.


For increased pest and pathogen resistance apply at 0.5ml/l as a foliar spray throughout the vegetative cycle and up to 2 weeks into flower.



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