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Mountain Air Filters - Voted North America's best filter 5 times!


The impressive Mountain Air range of carbon filters are industry leading carbon filters that are the perfect option for your air filtration and odour control needs. They are big and use the highest quality carbon available and they have impressive airflow rates to suit the most powerful of fans. It often amazes us how long these filters can last and regularly hear of over 2 years use from one carbon filter!


They come very well packaged and protected from damage in transit which can be the downfall of other quality filters available - any damage to a carbon filter can cause carbon to drop or move about and leave small areas where untreated air can get through.


Ten sizes available to suit even the most powerful of extraction fans:


4" - 100mm x 400mm / 310m3/h

5" - 125mm x 500mm / 500m3/h

6" - 150mm x 500mm / 575m3/h

6" L1 - 150mm x 800mm / 1135m3/h

8" - 200mm x 500mm / 740m3/h

8" L1 - 200mm x 1000mm / 1615m3/h

10" - 250mm x 800mm / 1870m3/h

10" L1 -  250mm x 1000mm / 2380m3/h

12" - 315mm x 800mm / 2293m3/h

12" L1  - 315mm x 1000mm / 2870m3/h 

14" - 350mm x 1000mm / 4250m3/h - please note to use this on a 12 inch fan you'll need a 14"-12" stepdown collar


Check out the video below from Hydrogarden for more info on Mountain Air Filters!




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