MY-CO2 Bag

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Increasing CO2 increases production, if you have enough light and nutrients CO2 is often your limiting factor to achieving even bigger yields, increase this and your plants will thank you with bountiful harvests.

MY-CO2 bags produce good levels of CO2 for up to 6 months, they are ready to use straight away with no preparation - simply place the bag inside your grow space at just above canopy level so the CO2 (which is heavier than air) can fall onto your plants directly, adding CO2 to your set up has never been easier.

The co2 will come out of the ventilation strip on the bag and be available directly to the surrounding plants, we reccomend a minimum of 1 bag per 1-1.5m2 grow space but more can be added to really push the levels up as desired.


If we are out of stock of MY-CO2 bags check out the Exhale CO2 bags as they may be in stock online and instore.




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