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This potent mycorrhizae inoculant contains a species of beneficial soil fungi called Rhizophagus Intraradices, this fungus attaches to your roots and helps with the uptake of nutrient and water. Think of it like an extended root network that attaches to the roots and extends the rootzone to absorb more of what the plant needs.

Fully organic this product is ideal for soil and coco growing and can be applied at every transplant stage (potting up) simply sprinkle some of the granulated product into the planting hole or apply to the bottom of rooted propagation blocks and pot up as normal, as the roots grow through they are inoculated with the fungus.

It can also be applied weekly by working into the top layer of the soil/coco and watering in with a weak feed or just water.


Fully organic

Natural product

Ideal for soil and coco

Easy to use


Huge increases in plant health and yield reported by many growers, if you haven't tried Mykos yet add it to your growing kit today!

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