NFT Multiduct 2 Channel 180cm

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Multiduct NFT kit - NFT on a larger scale! This kit features a 123l tank and a 6 foot tray with 2 channels for growing in. It includes all the pipework, fittings, spreader mat, top corriboard cover and a pump.

 NFT stands for 'Nutrient Film Technique', it essentially involves the nutrient flowing over a large surface area at a very shallow depth (film) down a very slight gradient. The roots grow within this film of nutrient aided by a root membrane know as 'spreader mat'.


NFT plants are usually established in either the 3" or 4" Grodan Delta rockwool blocks and when well rooted and established they are transferred onto the NFT tray with a supply of nutrient-rich hydroponic solution flowing under the blocks, the roots soon grow out from the blocks into the root matting and develop a thick layer of roots all over the NFT tray, the tray is covered with a top tray or 'corriboard' to stop light, letting the roots flourish in the dark. For tips on establishing plants in rockwool blocks check out our blog post Establishing & Transplanting Young Plants.

These roots have access to the perfect amount of nutrient and air resulting in growth rates that are some of the fastest you will ever experience. the absence of growing media means less things to get into your grow space and less things to get rid of, no more lugging pots of waste coco away etc. Expect big yields in record time if you master this method of growing.


The most important thing to watch out for when using this system is the water temperature, you need to keep the temperature below 21 degrees celsius. Above this temperature the amount of oxygen that can be held in the water is greatly reduced and anaerobic conditions will occur, if this happens root diseases such as Pythium can flourish and destroy your plants very quickly.


In grow rooms that run between 25-28 degrees it doesnt take long for an NFT tank to heat up well above 21 degrees. The best way to avoid this is to use a Nutrient Chiller, a pump in your tank pumps water through the chiller and back to your tank keeping the water to the temperature you set it to.


We also reccomend using a sterilizing product to destroy harmful bacteria and help keep your rootzone disease free. Such products include, Pythoff and Silver Bullet Roots.


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