Flying Skull -Nuke Em

Size: 250ml
Sale price£45


This organic pesticide product from Flying Skul is a broad range pesticide that works on spider mite, broad mite, thrips, whitefly, leaf aphids and many other plant pests. Whats more is its particularly effective against powdery mildew and botrytis (bud rot).

Its active ingredients will not affect the plants growth rate like other pesticides can and its will not affect the smell or flavour of your end products even when used right up until harvest. It can even be used post harvest to stop the spread of moulds when you have already cut down your crop.

To amplify the effectiveness of Nuke Em (or any other pesticide or foliar spray) use in conjuction with Flying Skull Spread Coat which spreads the applied spray over the leaves of your plants better and allows for better absorption of the active ingredients. it also makes your pesticides and foliar sprays go a lot further as less run off occurs from plants leaves.



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