Nutrient Management Kit

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Full nutrient management kit including the reliable Essentials EC and pH meters, pH adjustment solutions (up and down), pH buffer 7 and EC calibration solution.


Accurate management of you pH levels and conductivity of your nutrient solution is essential to achieve perfect growth and get the best from your plants. The pH of your solution is the acidity level, different nutrients are absorbed more easily at different pH (acidity) levels so making sure you are feeding your plants at the correct level will make it easier for them to use all the nutrients you are giving them. 


EC levels or conductivity of your solution is a measure of the strength of the nutrient, accurately monitoring this in recirculating or run to waste systems is essential and for hand watered plants in coco it can really help take the guess work out of feeding your plants.


Come and talk to us if you need help with nutrient management, we can talk you through our range of meters and help you get the best from your nutrient solution.

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