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Warm water in active hydroponic system such as NFT and DWC systems is a recipe for disaster. In a grow room the temperature surrounding your system and tanks will be 25-28 degrees at the best of times, sometimes more in the summer and it doesnt take long for nutrient temperatures to get up there too.


This is bad news for your plants, water above 21 degrees celsius cant hold enough oxygen to support healthy plant growth even if you are using plenty of aeration. this created anaerobic conditions and root diseases such as Pythium can thrive and very quickly ruin your hard work. Once established such diseases are extremely hard to get rid of and some growers even have to resort to getting a brand new system.


Use a nutrient chiller in your NFT and DWC setups to easily maintain the correct nutrient temperature of 18-20 degrees. simply place a pump in your tank (a maxi-jet 500 to 1000 is ideal) run some 13mm flexible pipe such as ice line via an inline filter to the chiller inlet and from the outlet run another length of ice line back to your tank, turn on the pump and the chiller, set your temperature and let it maintain the perfect temperature for your hydroponic nutrient solution. 


The solution is circulated around a refrigeration system and returns to the tank at the set temperature. Ideally the chiller is best placed just outside of the growing area as it does produce a small amount of heat.




Available in 3 sizes to suit various sized systems:



Nutrient Chiller 150A - suitable for tanks/systems up to 150l in volume

Nutrient Chiller 300A - suitable for tanks/systems up to 300l in volume

Nutrient Chiller 500A - suitable for tanks/systems up to 500l in volume

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