Material: Gel
Scent: Polar Crystal
Size: 732g
Sale price£19.95


ONA - odour neutralisation agent - these products from ona dont just mask odours they actually 'neutralise' them using a special essential oil formula. 

ONA blocks - a solid 'wax' type block in  plastic tub you simply remove the lid and expose it to the air.

ONA gel - a more powerful gel formula that is stronger scented but drys out quicker than the blocks, can be used in a variety of ways. Can be used with the ONA Breeze fan to quickly distribute the ONA around a large area.

ONA liquid - used to revitalise the ona gel and increase lifespan and also can be added to a trigger spray bottle and sprayed as needed.

ONA mist - spray version of ona products in a ready-to-use bottle there when you need it quickly.

  • Quickly neutralises unwanted odours
  • Organic
  • Long lasting odour control
  • Safe

Available in a variety of sizes



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