Ora 23L Humidifier

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The Ora 23l humidifier is a great option for medium to large size grow rooms it features a high output directional nozzle a large tank capacity and the option to run it on a continuous fill option via the inbuilt float valve allowing you to run it straight off a reverse osmosis machine or a larger water butt/tank.


  • Fully adjustable multi-directional nozzle
  • Manual or constant fill functionality
  • Control and increase the moisture levels, ensuring clean air in a grow room
  • A full tank will last up to 32 days
  • To enable the constant fill function, move the float 90 degrees.

Maintaining the correct humidity levels for each stage of growth is essential to get the best from your plants, most plants require a high humidity level of 60-70% during the growth phase and lower during the final flowering/fruiting stages.


For more information on controlling your growing environment check out our blog - Environment is Everything!

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