Orca Reflective Sheeting 10mtr

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Orca reflective sheeting boasts an incredible 94% reflectivity and stands shoulders above its nearest competitor, it really is worth the extra cost if your looking to push your results further and get the most from your lighting.

Its unique microfibre structure diffuses light back to your plants spreading it evenly and preventing any hot spots occuring. Its 100% light tight and easy to clean and re-use making it a a joy to work with. Even refelction from any angle.

Investing in good light such as LEDs is the way to achieve the best performance from your grow room and as so much of that light hits the walls it makes sense to use the best reflective material available to ensure your plants receive the same wavelength of light from the reflected light bouncing off your walls as they do from above.


94% reflective

Full wavelength of light reflected

Diffuse technology

No hot spots

Stop wasting light

Easy to clean

100% light tight

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