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The XL oxy-pot system can be used for growing one very large plant or two smaller ones, It comes complete with bottom tank/root chamber, lid with 3 holes, 2 heavy duty net pot and 2 hole covers so you can use two holes for plants and leave one for access or just use one hole and cover the 2 spare for access holes. It also includes a double air pump, air stones and air line tubing.



DWC method is simply keeping the roots submerged in a nutrient rich hydroponic system and using airstones to provide huge amounts of oxygen to your roots. Plants grow super fast and yields are very good when this system is mastered.

Each single pot system comes complete with nutrient/root chamber, lid including access port, heavy duty net pot, level indicator/drainage tube and fittings and an air pump, airstone and air line.




*Top Tip - nutrient temperature in DWC systems is of upmost importance, it need to be cool. Above 21 degrees celsius the solution cant hold enough oxygen for healthy root growth. Use a nutrient thermometer to monitor the temperature of the solution and if it gets too warm add more cool water to bring it down or consider using cool blocks or small frozen bottles of water placed in the system if it continues to be too warm.



In DWC systems nutient levels generally need to be a lot lower than with other methods as the plant has such easy access to nutrients so run your EC much lower for this growing method.

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