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PhonicTrap was designed in Europe for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry and consistently outperforms other ducting products. It is manufactured to conform to Reach certification and, for this reason, it’s made from extremely high quality materials. There are three layers of ducting and each has been selected to help do two things: reduce noise and maximise airflow.

The black foil outer layer is made from high quality layered aluminium with a metal spiral that minimises kinks, preventing obstructions from limiting airflow. The white insulation was designed to allow air to travel through it without causing back pressure on the fan. The inter-woven material was, again, designed to insulate the sound without reducing air flow. The cross-woven design dampens noise but does not increase pressure, unlike some other products.

With superior acoustic capabilities, PhonicTrap ducting effectively reduces the noise level of the air flow in your ventilation system.

Growers demanding the best and most powerful fans often need to reduce the noise of air moving down ducts. With its non-allergenic insulation, it reduces noise without the possibility of contaminating your grow room with glass wool. G.A.S ventilation products produce much larger air flows at greater pressure than competitor products. The downside is that air flowing through the duct can be noisy.

Phonic Trap is the solution – it reduces or removes audible noise, allowing you to have large air flows with little noise.


  • Ultra efficient, high quality product made in France
  • Non-allergenic (no glass wool)
  • Reduces noise of the air flow and fan
  • Manage large airflows with little noise
  • Available in 3, 6 and 10 metre lengths

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