Prima Klima Eco Coco Filter

Airflow: 100mm x 250mm 360m3/hr
Sale price£34.95


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Carbon filters
are an essential component of your indoor grow space, turning bad smells into clean, odourless air. But choosing one to match your budget can often stretch the initial set-up costs. Thankfully, Prima Klima Eco Coco Filters are cheap enough to be affordable and good enough to complete to job effectively.

Prima Klima Eco Filters Key Features

  • Comprehensive elimination of unwanted smells
  • Up to 9 months of effective use in normal conditions
  • Packed with lightweight top-quality virgin carbon
  • The perfect affordable carbon filter on a budget
  • Available for 4-inch, 5-inch and 6-inch fans

Prima Klima Eco Coco Filters are also available as full kits on our standard filter kits page.

A Budget Carbon Filter For Indoor Growing

If you’re looking for a carbon filter replacement on a budget, then Prima Klima Eco Coco Filters are a great choice. Striking the right balance of value for money and quality performance, these affordable carbon filters for indoor growing are anything but cheap.

Housed in a robust metal casing, Prima Klima Eco Coco Filters are packed with top-quality virgin carbon and will comprehensively eliminate unwanted smells for up to nine months. While their lightweight build and clever design make them easy to install in your grow space and achieve maximum airflow rates.

Delivering protection against odours for indoor growers everywhere, Prima Klima Eco Coco Filters are an excellent mid-range filter option that you can rely on.

For more information about growing indoors, read our tips for perfecting your environment.


To ensure your Prima Klima Eco Coco carbon filter stays in top condition, it’s important to regulate the environment in your grow space properly. Working areas where humidity gets above 70% will negatively impact the filter’s lifespan and ability to function effectively.

This is of particular concern during the propagation and vegetative stages when humidity should be at its peak. Under those circumstances, you should make sure humidity in your grow room stays below 70% so your carbon filter stays in top condition and eliminates unwanted smells.

Lots of indoor growers these days take up the option of using two filters. The first is used throughout the veg period (high humidity), and the other gets installed during flower when carbon filters are most needed.

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