Prima Klima Filter Kit 100L1 (4 inch)

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These mid-range carbon filter kits provide excellent odour control from the Prima Klima Eco carbon filter matched with impressive and dependable airflow courtesy of the MaxiFan Tube Fans from Maxibright. They can handle reasonable lengths of ducting and a few bends no problem and are very reliable. 

One thing about Prima Klima that makes them stand out above other brands is the reccommended airflow they advise is the optimum aiflow for the carbon filter. Some other brands of filters tend to give the maximum the filter can handle as the airflow so with Prima Klima you have a bit of headroom on the airflows they advise.

Each kit comes with the right sized carbon filter to suit the fans airflow, 5m of combi ducting, a fast clamp (padded collar to connect the fan and filter together and a duct clip to attach the ducting the other side of the fan. 

This 4 inch extraction kit is suitable for up to 1 x 400w HPS.


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