Rhino Pro Carbon Filters

Size: 250x1000
Sale price£224.95


Rhino Pro Carbon Filters, in our view, are the premier carbon filters in the UK and consistently rank among our top-selling products. These filters, packed with superior activated carbon, effectively neutralize unwanted organic odours. For over a decade, Rhino Filters have been aiding growers in eliminating undesirable smells.

Carbon filters function by directing air over activated carbon, a charcoal derivative with an extensive, highly absorbent surface area at the molecular level. As the contaminated air passes through the carbon, the carbon traps the odour particles, resulting in odourless air exiting the filter. Rhino Filters utilize the Australian Tiwest RC412 activated carbon, widely recognized as one of the world’s best for this purpose. It offers exceptional filtration for a minimum of two years and remains effective in both high and low humidity conditions.

It’s crucial to match the airflow rates of both fans and carbon filters. If not matched correctly, the effectiveness of odour control may be compromised, and the lifespan of both components could be shortend 


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